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The two most common types of speeding tickets are 22350 speeding for the conditions and 22349 exceeding the maximum 65 mph speed limit. 22349 is usually cited on the freeways throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. It might be the most common CHP traffic ticket. We represent clients on these cases in all of the courthouses, in many cities, including Long Beach, Bellflower, Compton, Westminster, Fullerton, Santa Ana, and Newport Beach. There are courts in these cities that handles cases in neighboring cities. For example, Westminster's West Justice Center hears traffic and criminal cases from Seal Beach and Garden Grove. Whereas cases in Long Beach and Signal Hill are heard in Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse. Likewise, if you get a speeding ticket in Palos Verdes or Rolling Hills, your case will be heard in Torrance Courthouse. For commuters, traveling to Downtown Los Angeles, they might get a speeding ticket on the freeway that is heard on Hills St., at the large Metropolitan Courthouse.

Speeding charges show up on DUIs and other criminal cases. Often, speeding gives an officer a reason to pull a vehicle and driver over to make a stop. Once stopped, an officer may notice alcohol or a deadly weapon in a vehicle, or even illegal drugs. 

So, back to the two types of speeding charges:

22349 speeding is usually on the freeway, issued by California Highway Patrol officers. Whereas, 22350 speeding is usually issued by city police officers or county sheriff officers. 22350, speeding for conditions, is based on conditions in the area that have been noted by a traffic engineer in a traffic and engineering survey. This survey will justify the posted speed limit. This is different from freeway speeding where you are allowed to go up to 65 miles per hour maximum. 

If you would like to learn more about how to win these cases, please contact our attorney, who will be happy to further discuss these issues with you. He really knows traffic tickets and freely shares his knowledge. He also enjoys going to court for his clients to get cases dismissed and reduced.

A Speeding Ticket in Long Beach California can be frustrating, especially considering that it seems that everyone is speeding. Going with the flow of traffic is the way of life in Los Angeles.

An attorney can help to have your case dismissed, reduced to a non-point, avoid traffic school, avoid a drivers license suspension, and avoid high fines.

Navigating the court and the law can seem like a foreign country with a foreign language. That is why an experienced top attorney with success in getting speeding tickets dismissed can give you the peace you need. Put someone you trust into traffic court for you at the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse of the Superior Court of California in Long Beach. 

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