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The clients that we have served in the Superior Court of California in the County of Los Angeles, and in the County of Orange, have provided you the opportunity to know in advance what kind of service you may receive from our office, by posting reviews on trusted and independent sites. One example is Yelp, for our Torrance and Long Beach Offices that serve traffic ticket and criminal traffic ticket defendants in Compton Court, Bellflower Court, Airport Court, Metro Court on Hill St., East Los Angeles Courthouse, West Covina Court, Downey Court, Inglewood Courthouse, and for misdemeanor traffic ticket defendants in Orange County courts: West Justice Center, North Justice Center, Central Justice Center, and Harbor Justice Center.​

Text from client after case was dismissed, avoiding a 1-year license suspension for possession of marijuana: 

"You are the Bruce Lee of what you do. Thanks again!"

Court Clerks' remarks to Mr. Dastrup:

"We can trust you."

 "You are so organized and reliable."

Initial phone consultation, amazed she found a law firm that put her in contact with an actual attorney the same day: 

"It is so nice to talk to my attorney. My confidence is way up."​

These are just a few samples of satisfied clients who had a variety of traffic cases, from speeding, to failure to appear, and even criminal charges for driving on a suspended license. We helped each traffic ticket or criminal defense client as an individual with specific needs. Each of these cases were in Southern California, specifically in Los Angeles and Orange County. The courthouses varied, as well, including the Long Beach, Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse. Another case was in Torrance Courthouse, and another in Bellflower Courthouse. Some of the clients were spoken to on the phone while our attorney was actually in the Metropolitan Courthouse working the best defense on their case or another client's ticket -- an example of the immediate attention our attorney gives to clients.

We get top attorney reviews because we handle our client's cases immediately, with personal service. Whether you have a misdemeanor charge for driving on a suspended license or driving without a license, our attorney can help you clear up your DMV record quickly. You need to know what California Vehicle Code violations cause one or two negligent operator points, and which traffic citations do not cause any DMV points. If you have a hold on your license, on your driving privilege, it is also important to know whether a warrant, a criminal case, a civil assessment, or what kind of failure to appear, 40509.5 and 40508, is associated with your case. You need the top traffic ticket attorney to clear up the holds and get the case dismissed or reduced.

In the last several years, in Orange County West Justice Center and North Justice Center, our attorney has gotten more cases dismissed than any other attorney in those courts. Likewise, in West and North in the last several years, David Dastrup has gotten more non-mover, non-point, deals on traffic tickets in Orange County than any other attorney. In the last couple years, he has appeared on more failure to appear and civil assessment cases than any other attorney in Orange County, including for cases based in Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, and Central Justice Center in Santa Ana.

Now he is handling failure to appear and suspended license cases in Los Angeles County. Our attorney has vast experience with speeding tickets: local road, 22350; CHP freeway over 65 mph ticket, 22349(a); red light citation and red light camera photo enforcement citation, 21453(a); disobey a traffic sign or signal, 21461; of the California Vehicle Code. He fights these case in court. He handles his client's case as if it was his own case. This means he will got trial and, as one young police officer once said, "go toe to toe." It also means to negotiate a deal, the best deal, if that is the best most solid option.

Our attorney goes to court at Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, Torrance Courthouse, Compton Courthouse, Airport Courthouse off of La Cienega Blvd near LAX, Bellflower Courthouse, Metropolitan Courthouse off of Hills Street on the South side of Downtown Los Angeles. He also enjoys appearing in West Justice Center, North Justice Center, Central Justice Center, and Harbor Justice Center in the County of Orange, California, on criminal cases. He is especially familiar with the court processes and clerk procedures in Orange County courts. In addition, he will make appearances in Chatsworth Court, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Downey, Norwalk, Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, Beverly Hills, West Covina, and other courts that his client's may need. After all, being an attorney is about serving your clients and what they need.

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